Rapido Announces New Freight Cars, More HO B36-7s

Rapido Trains, Inc. announces more HO General Electric B36-7 locomotives and new rolling stock for both HO and N scales.

Rapido Announces New Freight Cars, More HO B36-7s

On Thursday night, during a live event, Rapido delivered four new product announcements – a new production of their popular HO scale GE B36-7 locomotive,  an all-new HO scale USRA single-sheathed boxcar, an all-new N scale version of its upcoming HO B-100-40 boxcar, and a new production of its HO scale Gunderson 53’ double-stack well cars with improved details. 

More GE B36-7s

Rapido first offered the GE B36-7 locomotive in 2019 and the second run available now features five new paint schemes: two variations of Southern Pacific (traditional lettering or Rio Grande-style speed lettering) with 1990s-era details, two new variations of Conrail (either traditional can opener logo with white sill stripe or Conrail Quality), and the “Kodachrome” scheme for Santa Fe.  Dubbed the “Kodachrome” scheme due to its bright yellow and red colors that seemingly mimicked Kodak slide film packaging, this colorful scheme was created for the ill-fated Santa Fe-Southern Pacific merger that was proposed but rejected in 1986. 

Rated at 3,600 horsepower, the B36-7 stood as the premier four-axle road locomotive offering from General Electric in the early 1980s.  These powerful locomotives were first assigned to high-priority intermodal trains and found their way to all sorts of different service assignments during their careers. Some examples can still be found in service today. 

Road-specific details include different types of pilots, anti-climbers, plows where appropriate, and more. Both the Santa Fe and Southern Pacific versions will feature illuminated multi-LED Stratolite beacons.  All units come equipped with DC/DCC/Sound by ESU Loksound for $339.95 MSRP. 

All-New HO scale USRA Single-sheathed Boxcar

The USRA single-sheathed boxcar dates back to World War I and many continued in service well into the 1950s. Rapido plans on offering these all-new cars in fourteen different road names, including Ann Arbor; Chicago & North Western; Baltimore & Ohio; Milwaukee Road; Central of New Jersey; Delaware & Hudson; Chesapeake & Ohio; Maine Central; Norfolk & Western; Richmond, Fredericksburg & Potomac; New York Central; Southern Pacific; Pennsylvania (with two door types); and Reading. This steam-era boxcar will also be offered in an undecorated version. MSRP $49.95 each or a six-pack for $299.70 MSRP.

Now for N scale – PC&F B-100-40 Waffle Boxcar

Rapido will be producing a N scale version of their upcoming HO scale Pacific Car & Foundry B-100-40 boxcar.  These unique cars featured a distinctive half-waffle pattern on the car sides and 12-foot wide plug doors. 250 of these 50-foot boxcars were built for the Southern Pacific in 1976 but over the years, the cars have gone on to different owners. Some of the B-100-40s even found their way to Amtrak, where they were refitted for high-speed express service. Road names for these include SP (as-delivered), Golden West Service (VCY or faded with SP patch reporting marks), Union Pacific (brown repaint with SP reporting marks), Columbus & Greenville (faded red), and Amtrak (solid green or Phase IV). The car will also be offered in undecorated. Each car features body-mounted extended draft gear, metal wheels and separately-applied door details. MSRP $36.95 each or a six-pack for $221.70 MSRP.

More 53’ Gunderson Double Stack Intermodal Cars

Lastly, Rapido is offering its popular Gunderson 53’ “Husky Stack” double-stack intermodal well cars in six new paint schemes, including TTX (four variations, including the pink “On Track for a Cure” car), Canadian Pacific (red) and Ferromex (gray). The stack cars in this new production will feature improved etched metal walkways and carry a MSRP of $34.95.

Visit Rapido’s website for more information.  

This article was posted on: June 11, 2021