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Dremel Kitbashing Award Winners: 1972-2022

—Thomas Maupin photo

Dremel Kitbashing Award Winners: 1972-2022

Kitbashing AwardThe RMC/Dremel Kitbashing Award came about when Dremel’s head sales manager Ed Erdman met with then-editor Tony Koester at the annual Model Railroad Industry Association show at the Hilton in Chicago. Dremel was looking for a way to promote their motorized hobby tools, and together they came up with the idea of the kitbashing contest sponsorship and award.

Reader Ed Krottendorfer kindly assembled a spreadsheet of all contest winners from the last 50 years. Raymond Hobin was the first published candidate in the January 1972 edition, taking an HO scale Tyco Pacific and kitbashing it into a credible model of a Jersey Central Heavy Pacific. Since then, the contest continued every month with few interruptions. A quick glance at the list shows the majority of entries to be HO scale, with a smattering of O, S, and N sprinkled here and there. In late 2020 and 2021 we hit a bit of a dry spell, with only a few entries to publish, but 2022 has seen dozens of new entries submitted for consideration. And now it appears Robert Frascella’s entry will be the last one under the old banner.

With Dremel withdrawing, we are currently seeking a new corporate sponsor to encourage this monthly showcase of creativity. While it’s sad to see a partnership of 50 years come to an end, we’re excited to see what the future has in store. Kitbashing methods may have changed over the years, but the core idea of taking an existing product and transforming it into something unique will never go away. —Otto M. Vondrak, editor


Issue Subject Modeler Scale
Jan-72 Modified TYCO Pacific Raymond Hobin HO
Feb-72 Passenger Terminal and General Headquarters John P. Allen HO
Mar-72 Scrapped FA1 Robert Pizio HO
Apr-72 SD9 and SD35 Eric Brooman HO
May-72 Feed and Seed Store Richard Francaviglia HO
Jun-72 2-8-0 to 0-8-0 Bob Kjellander HO
Jul-72 Coach to Combine Bill McClanahan HO
Aug-72 Fire Damaged Station Jim Singer HO
Sep-72 Chopped-Nose GP7 Michael Miller HO
Oct-72 Several Kitbashed Structures Jim Paine HO
Nov-72 Interlocking Tower Mark Sowa HO
Dec-72 Bechaud Brewery Tom Gannon HO
Jan-73 Enlarged Freight House Wendell Greer HO
Feb-73 Block of Stores Derek Verner HO
Mar-73 Blacksmith Car Bob Dupont HO
Apr-73 Passenger Cars Craig Willett HO
May-73 Combine to Gas-Electric Dean Freyttag HO
Jun-73 Chesapeake & Ohio K-2 Mikado John Glaab HO
Jul-73 Sheraton Hotel Sherwood Van Atta HO
Aug-73 Lengthened Passenger Cars Myron Weber HO
Sep-73 Tunnel Motor Dvid Callahan HO
Oct-73 EMD SDL39 Jack DeMain HO
Nov-73 Turbo Rail Cleaner Michael Kotowski HO
Dec-73 Various Structures from Same Kit William Adickes HO
Jan-74 2-8-0 from Indiana Harbor Belt 0-8-0 Kenneth D. Price O
Feb-74 Electric Rotary Plow Noel Holley HO
Mar-74 Four HOn30 Locos Daniel Johnson HOn30
Apr-74 Unitah-flavored Mallet John Weber HOn3
May-74 EMD SD35 William C. Johann, Jr. HO
Jun-74 Hook and Ladder Truck Larry Matusek HO
Jul-74 Motorized Rail and Tie car John Weinhold HO
Aug-74 Big Boy to Challenger Theodore Frank HO
Sep-74 Small Factory Andrew Kalnik HO
Oct-74 Grain Elevator Complex John J. Weisner N
Nov-74 Harriman Mikado James Kottkamp HO
Dec-74 Passenger and Circus Cars ? N
Jan-75 Coal Bunker and Freight House Arthur Curren HO
Feb-75 Baltimore & Ohio 2-8-8-0 ? HO
Mar-75 Rio Grande Business Car John MacMichael HO
Apr-75 On3 Critter Fred Verrier On3
May-75 Small Depot Joe Taylor HO
Jun-75 EMD NW5 Donald Cook HO
Jul-75 Hexagon Towered Depot Harry J. Kremper HO
Aug-75 EMD DD35A and DD35B Jerry T. Moyers HO
Sep-75 Vintage Railcar Ric Hasson HO
Oct-75 Shortened Gondola Randolph Brown O
Nov-75 Southern’s 5046 Jim Teese HO
Dec-75 EMD GP30 and GP30B Jeff Torretta HO
Jan-76 Steel Deck Bridge Richard McFarland N
Feb-76 Division Offices and Freight House Dave Stouse HO
Mar-76 Steam Wreck Crane Larry Peterson O
Apr-76 Alco Century 630 Merrill Negus HO
May-76 Camelback and Duplex Locos Rod Perkins HO
Jun-76 Baldwin Light Decapod Drew Crossett HO
Jul-76 EMD SDP45 Alan P. Olson HO
Aug-76 Baldwin RS12 Tom Makowski HO
Sep-76 Roundhouse Irv Schulz HO
Oct-76 Norfolk & Western Class J 4-8-4 William H. Crowe HO
Nov-76 Factory Complex D. Russell Young, Jr. HO
Dec-76 Burlington Class O-4 2-8-2 Gordon Smith HO
Jan-77 Short Caboose Glenn B Joesten On3
Feb-77 EMD F9 to FT Stan Rhine O
Mar-77 Articulated Harriman Coach John W. Snyder HO
Apr-77 EMD SD38-2 ?
May-77 Canadian National 2-8-0 Serge Narbonne HO
Jun-77 Vest Pocket Turbine Jim Allen HO
Jul-77 Farm House John Nehrich HO
Aug-77 Rotary Plow Paul Scoles HOn3
Sep-77 Modernized 4-6-0 and Modified 0-6-0 Paul Burger HO
Oct-77 Fairbanks Morse H16-44 Jack Donato O
Nov-77 2-8-4, 2-8-2, and 0-6-0 John Worley O
Dec-77 EMD SD45X Paul McGuffin HO
Jan-78 HOn30 Locos and Cars Steve Riddlebaugh HOn30
Feb-78 General Store Colin Emmerson HO
Mar-78 EMD SD35X, SD40, and SD40-2 William Metzger HO
Apr-78 TrailerTrain Saddleback Flatcar Jim Panza HO
May-78 Backwoods Steam Loco Robert E. Krueger, Jr. HO
Jun-78 Modernized 4-4-0 Lou Sassi HO
Jul-78 EMD SD40T-2 Randy Wilson HO
Aug-78 Garage and Small Industry Karl D. Naffin HO
Sep-78 F7 B-unit Mine Switcher Rick Witteborg HO
Oct-78 Phase 1 FP7 Richard Steinbrenner HO
Nov-78 Anthracite Region 2-8-2 and 0-6-0 Don Leoffler N
Dec-78 Non-Revenue Rolling Stock Gerard P. Dombroski HO
Jan-79 Camelback 2-8-0 Wayne Sittner HO
Feb-79 EMD SD30 Karl Erk HO
Mar-79 Backdated Piggyback Flatcar W. Allen McClelland HO
Apr-79 B&O Wagon-top Caboose Aubrey Wiley HO
May-79 FCP Alco Wreck Rebuild Loco 521 Don Wallworth HO
Jun-79 Large Factory Edward C. Steinberg HO
Jul-79 Illinois Central Geeps and Caboose Kent Lannert N
Aug-79 Low-Nose Alco RS36 Tom Busack HO
Sep-79 Milk Car Bill Mischler HO
Oct-79 False Front Stores Jim Vail HO
Nov-79 FM Erie-built and H15-44 Paul R. Roth HO
Dec-79 EMD SW1 Mike Bishop HO
Jan-80 Milwaukee Caboose Gene Suter HO
Feb-80 Freight Transfer Terminal Don Ransom HO
Mar-80 2-8-2 to 2-8-0 Stephen P. Karas HO
Apr-80 Boxcab Electric Bob Kitley HO
May-80 CN Caboose and SD40 Richard Meloche HO
Jun-80 High Nose SD45’s Robert W. Grant HO
Jul-80 Alco RSD12 Michael Cartabiano HO
Aug-80 Supply Company John Swanson HO
Sep-80 Brick Roundhouse Robert Winterton HO
Oct-80 Crew-quarters Cab M625CQ J. David Spanagel HO
Nov-80 Prototypical Shorties ?
Dec-80 Narrow Gauge Snowplow Bob Bennett HOn3
Jan-81 B&O Wagon-top Boxcar Vic Roseman HO
Feb-81 Piggyback Crane Jim Slaughter HO
Mar-81 Depot to Lighthouse Roger M. Baker, Jr. N
Apr-81 Pennsylvania H25 Hopper Brady J. McGuire HO
May-81 Gas-Electric Dick Wachtman HOn3
Jun-81 Small Factory Mark Henley HO
Jul-81 Sandy River 2-6-2 Allan Houghton On2
Aug-81 C&O F-17 4-6-2 Kenneth P. Young HO
Sep-81 EMD NW2 Montford Switzer HO
Oct-81 Southern Railway FM Train Master Douglas Nuckles HO
Nov-81 Slaughterhouse John Aaron HO
Dec-81 ATSF 3160 Series 2-8-2 Paul Calabrese HO
Jan-82 Steam Traction Engine Robert Kern HO
Feb-82 Missabe EMD SD38 Gary Kraus HO
Mar-82 Logging Caboose George P Landow HO
Apr-82 Boxcab Electric Manay Gray HO
May-82 Narrow Gauge Locos Randy Harter On30
Jun-82 2-6-0 William Hime HO
Jul-82 EMD SW1 John Fisher O
Aug-82 EMD GP40 to GP50 Ronald Rypinski HO
Sep-82 GS-2 4-8-4 Eric Jewett N
Oct-82 C-C Electric Robert Hegge HO
Nov-82 “Southern” Berkshire 2716 Southern Railway Shops 1:1
Dec-82 Kitbashed MDC 2-8-0 Peter Tuttle HOn3
Jan-83 Mining Company Oil Car Wayne Wesolowski O
Feb-83 Railroad Maintenance Trucks Dave Davenport HO
Mar-83 Railtruck Joseph Crea G
Apr-83 Union Pacific 2-8-2 Bill Metzger HO
May-83 Chicago Big Brill Phillip O’Keefe HO
Jun-83 Baldwin DS44-1000 William Gerracci S
Jul-83 Depot ? ?
Aug-83 CPR SW1200RS Geof Arnold HO
Sep-83 Railroad Hotel Giff Hamilton HO
Oct-83 EMD E8 Preston Cook O
Nov-83 Gas-electric Gary Edlen HO
Dec-83 C&P Bobber Caboose Deane Mellander HO
Jan-84 Flour Mill Alan Brotherton HO
Feb-84 Canadian Pacific Short Caboose Mike Barone HO
Mar-84 Chop-Nose SD9 David Sepos HO
Apr-84 Business Cars Roger Kujawa HO
May-84 Factory George Franke HO
Jun-84 Theatre Earl Smallshaw HO
Jul-84 FM Erie-Builts Art Danz HO
Aug-84 Per Diem Boxcars Eric Brooman HO
Sep-84 Semaphore Train Order Board Dennis Storzek HO
Oct-84 EMD SD20-2 Bill Manzke HO
Nov-84 Two-Bay Hopper Montford Switzer HO
Dec-84 Lighthouse Pierre Davis HO
Jan-85 Logging Sprinkler Car Bill Fogarty HO
Feb-85 250 Ton Brownhoist Crane Alden McBee HO
Mar-85 Brick Roundhouse Thomas Geiger HO
Apr-85 Southern GP35 Ronald Downs HO
May-85 Logging Train Robert Turner HO
Jun-85 Modern Enginehouse John Roberts HO
Jul-85 Repowered FM Train Master Bill Bryant HO
Aug-85 Small Oil Depot Peter Barney HO
Sep-85 Rutland Caboose Randolph Brown O
Oct-85 Santa Fe 10-Pack Don Mitchell HO
Nov-85 Santa Fe CF7 Craig Chandler HO
Dec-85 Conrail RS3m George Losse HO
Jan-86 Small Factory Peter Lojewski HO
Feb-86 Coil Car Tom Persoon HO
Mar-86 Animated Backhoe Charles Hepperle HO
Apr-86 Auto Parts Boxcars Bobb Losse HO
May-86 Milk Cars Wayne Sittner HO
Jun-86 Heavy Duty Highway Trucks Dean Freytag HO
Jul-86 Low Nose Alco RS11 Bill Gruber HO
Aug-86 PRR Gla Hopper James Hunter HO
Sep-86 Slab Side Covered Hopper Ken Goslett and Eric Clegg HO
Oct-86 GN-style Electric Charles Carter HO
Nov-86 Low Hood Alco C630 Bob Kenderdine HO
Dec-86 SP GP40P-2 Charles Lanphere HO
Jan-87 2-4-4-2T Al Turner HOn3
Feb-87 CN Articulated Grain Hopper William Tokaruk HO
Mar-87 Burlington Northern SDP45 6599 Robert J. O’Brien HO
Apr-87 EMD SD30 Ray Miller HO
May-87 Fish Car Stanley Knotts, Jr. HO
Jun-87 Country Store Richard Bower HO
Jul-87 PFE R-70-2 Reefer Tony Thompson HO
Aug-87 Budd RDC4 Bob Boudreau HO
Sep-87 Trailer Train VTTX Flatcar Jim Panzer HO
Oct-87 WM Hoppers ? O
Nov-87 ? ? ?
Dec-87 BN Fuel Tender ? ?
Jan-88 Low-nose GP7 Steve Palmer HO
Feb-88 Shortline 2-6-2 Edgar Dayries, Jr. HO
Mar-88 Firehouse Charles Howard HO
Apr-88 TOFC Flatcar Greg LaRocca HO
May-88 Large Factory Charles Carter HO
Jun-88 Baldwin DRS4-4-10 Robert D Turner HO
Jul-88 1930s Filling Station Brian Rudko HO
Aug-88 Ortner Hopper Gerald Upton HO
Sep-88 Ventilated Boxcars Tom Smiley HO
Oct-88 C&O SD18 David Peck HO
Nov-88 Two-Bay Cement Hopper Clark Propst HO
Dec-88 SAL SDP35 Frank Mabry HO
Jan-89 3 Truck Shay Bob Love On3
Feb-89 Southern Pacific 2-8-0 R.B. Mitchell HO
Mar-89 40 ton Boxcars C. Martin Lofton, Jr. HO
Apr-89 DL&W Pagoda Station Gary Merrifield HO
May-89 Transfer Caboose Art Danz HO
Jun-89 Dairy Car Eric Clegg HO
Jul-89 Multi-story Factory Thomas W Rimer HO
Aug-89 Small Town Depot John Swanson HO
Sep-89 Schnabel-type Car Jeff Coleman HO
Oct-89 Modernized N&W Coach Bob Chapman HO
Nov-89 UP Log Car Julian Cavalier HO
Dec-89 Triangular Brick Factory Clifford Yost N
Jan-90 RS11 to CP RS18 Al Crisp HO
Feb-90 NYC Railroad Tug Phil Chiavetta HO
Mar-90 Shunting Tractor David Mehew HO
Apr-90 Push-Pull Commuter Cab Car Herbert Gishlick HO
May-90 Chop-nose Logging RS3 Patrick Lawson HO
Jun-90 Corrugated Side Gondola Ray Lora HO
Jul-90 Maintenance of Way Train Hdon Mitchell HO
Aug-90 Reading Steam Power Car Bill Gruber HO
Sep-90 Canadian National SD50F Andreas Keller HO
Oct-90 Short Caboose Rob Robson HO
Nov-90 1840s Era Train Franklin M. Doeringer HO
Dec-90 East Broad Top Standard Gauge 0-6-0 Dean Mellander HO
Jan-91 Updating the MDC Shay Jeff Johnston HO
Feb-91 N&W Caboose Trent Hulbert O
Mar-91 Hopper Cars Albert J Rost HOn3
Apr-91 CF7 Denis Doucet HO
May-91 Standard Gauge Forney Jim Auman HO
Jun-91 Boxcab Switcher Thomas Jones O
Jul-91 DL&W Milk Car R.L. Recordon HO
Aug-91 CP Mail Car Al Crisp HO
Sep-91 Lehigh Valley Cabooses Chuck Davis HO
Oct-91 MOW Boxcar James L Haney HO
Nov-91 Tank Cars Jim Slaughter HO
Dec-91 Western Pacific Outside-braced Caboose Jim Providenza HO
Jan-92 Chicago & North Western SD18 Al Warren HO
Feb-92 Bay Window Caboose Rick L. McClellan HO
Mar-92 Large Factory Bill Baker HO
Apr-92 SP SD45T-2 Al Warren HO
May-92 Phosphate Gondola Dwayne Robinson HO
Jun-92 Steam to Diesel Critter Thomas A. Yorke On3
Jul-92 Small Industry Brian C. Petroziello HO
Aug-92 Extended Vision Caboose Patrick Lawson HO
Sep-92 High-rail Truck John Mitchell HO
Oct-92 Erie Milk Car Randolph R. Brown O
Nov-92 Coal Processing Plant Jim Slaughter HO
Dec-92 Yard Office Patrick Moore HO
Jan-93 Canadian National Boxcar Keith MacCauley HO
Feb-93 Limestone Plant Michael Boucher HO
Mar-93 EMD GP60B Robert Seale HO
Apr-93 Narrow Gauge SP Boxcar Ted Edgell On3
May-93 Meat Reefer Richard H. Hendrickson HO
Jun-93 Ships for Harbor Scene Doug Geiger HO
Jul-93 Piggyback Trailers Edwaed L. McCaslin and David G. Casdorph HO
Aug-93 Norfolk Southern C39-8 Ed Ryan HO
Sep-93 Rock Bins Ric Walters HO
Oct-93 Small Station Rodney Mitchell HO
Nov-93 Two Factories Jeff Johnston HO
Dec-93 TTX Triple-53 Flatcar Jim Panza HO
Jan-94 Two Family Brick Home Frank Cicero HO
Feb-94 Lift Bridge R.B. Montague HO
Mar-94 Fuel Oil Storage Tank Charles Carter HO
Apr-94 City View Block Fred Roney HO
May-94 Grain Mill Dean Freytag HO
Jun-94 Harriman Coaches V.S. Roseman S
Jul-94 ATSF GP20 Jim fufrman HO
Aug-94 50-foot Bulkhead Flatcar Al Wellman HO
Sep-94 Expanded Building Eldon Parker HO
Oct-94 Piggyback Car & Trailer George R Gilbert HOn3
Nov-94 Canadian Pacific 2-8-0 Herb Mason HO
Dec-94 Equipment Flatcar Jeff Johnston HO
Jan-95 Bulkhead Flatcar Larry Galetti HO
Feb-95 Pressure Flow Hopper Marcel Devlieger HO
Mar-95 Boxcars to Sheds Jim Mingo HO
Apr-95 Modern Coal Loader Greg Mathews HO
May-95 Small Oil Company Harry Bonham HO
Jun-95 Baldwin Centercab Robert Bochenek HO
Jul-95 Long Island Rail Road Camelback Bill Henderson HO
Aug-95 Articulated Autorack Bill Carrier HO
Sep-95 Southern Pacific SD39 Cindy Williams HO
Oct-95 50-foot Boxcar Daniel Peithman HO
Nov-95 75-ton Whitcomb Steve Hile HO
Dec-95 Truss Bridge William C Schaumburg HO
Jan-96 SAL 20-foot Door Boxcar John Edwards HO
Feb-96 Service Station Jeff Kersting HO
Mar-96 Plug Door Boxcar Michael Rose HO
Apr-96 PFE Aluminium Reefers G.J. Michaels, Jr. HO
May-96 Waterfront Building Terry Black HO
Jun-96 Coal Loader John Brown HO
Jul-96 Small Industry Stan Knotts HO
Aug-96 Low-nose Alco RS-11 Dominic Bourgeois HO
Sep-96 Factory Building Alan Skinner N
Oct-96 EMD MP15AC Wayne Nelson HO
Nov-96 View Block Building Max Magliaro N
Dec-96 PRR H-1 2-8-0 Franklin Doeringer HO
Jan-97 1950′ Dump Trailer Dick Flock HO
Feb-97 Simple Houses Roy M. Stanley HO
Mar-97 Double-deck Stockcar William Sharpe HO
Apr-97 Row Houses Brendan Brosnan HO
May-97 Modernized Coach Bob Chapman HO
Jun-97 Sugar Mill Mike Pagano N
Jul-97 Dash 8-40C Cindy Williams HO
Aug-97 GP40 John Eull N
Sep-97 Refinery Kenneth Hackman HO
Oct-97 Factory Roger Cook HO
Nov-97 Steel Mill Radio Controlled Loco Brendan Brosnan HO
Dec-97 Small Industry Bill Goggin HO
Jan-98 Factory View Block Howard Lloyd HO
Feb-98 Quarry Clamshell Loader Bill Kaufman HO
Mar-98 Small Coaling Tower Henry G. Weber HO
Apr-98 Flatcar Cindy Williams HOn3
May-98 Small Depot Bob Brendle HO
Jun-98 U-Haul Truck David Frost HO
Jul-98 Ilmenite Hopper Domenic Bourgeois HO
Aug-98 Hi-Rail Truck William Tokaruk HO
Sep-98 Modified Highway Trucks Bob Foltz HO
Oct-98 Through Truss Bridge Jim Providenza HO
Nov-98 Harbor Float Bridge Walter Johnson HO
Dec-98 White Freightliner Tractor ? ?
Jan-99 Channel Side Hopper Larry kline O
Feb-99 RPO/Baggage Car Alan Skinner N
Mar-99 Burro Crane Robert Yagodich HO
Apr-99 Water Tank Chuck Davis HO
May-99 Small Depot Dick Isenberg HO
Jun-99 Maine Central Caboose Robert Bennett HO
Jul-99 Large Lumber Mill Jeff Johnston HO
Aug-99 Baggage Car Don Spiro HO
Sep-99 Winans Camel Denis C. Meredith HO
Oct-99 Grandt Line Reece Street House Conversions Lane Stewart HO
Nov-99 Conrail GE U23C Mike Rose HO
Dec-99 Gas Station Anthony Chan N
Jan-00 Large Station Bill Edmond HO
Feb-00 GE U17B “Baby U-Boat Jack Parker HO
Mar-00 Combine Caboose Kenneth Martin HO
Apr-00 Feed Mill Michael Wood HO
May-00 CP 630M Pierre Dion HO
Jun-00 Amtrak NPCU Frank Cicero HO
Jul-00 TTX Training Car Mark J Corcoran HO
Aug-00 Doodlebug Trailer Car Chuck Diljak
and Richard Wehr
Sep-00 Curved Viaduct Harold Mentzer HO
Oct-00 Union Station Dick Karnes S
Nov-00 Bakery & Store Ron Foreman HO
Dec-00 Small Industry Tom Staton HO
Jan-01 C&IM RS1325 Fred Giarette HO
Feb-01 Insulated Tank Car Dwight Smith HO
Mar-01 MKT Baggage Car Dennis Hedlund HO
Apr-01 UP SW10 Mike Pagano N
May-01 Single Dome Tank Car Patrick Tool On30
Jun-01 High-nose GP30 Mark Sharp HO
Jul-01 PRR G-29 Gondola Dick Flock HO
Aug-01 Baldwin S8 Ed Dornfeld HO
Sep-01 Porter 0-4-0T to 0-4-4T Paul Douglas G
Oct-01 Brick Store John LaBarba HO
Nov-01 Company House Chris Comport HO
Dec-01 NJ Transit GP40FH-2 Mike Sadovnick
and Otto Vondrak
Jan-02 Wood Loading Ramp Chuck Davis HO
Feb-02 Rules Examination Car Mel Johnson HO
Mar-02 Delivery Truck Doug Phillips HO
Apr-02 Shortened Caboose Bob Staat G
May-02 Skewed Deck Bridge Stephen Kay HO
Jun-02 Porter 2-4-2 Ed Warren O
Jul-02 C&O Motoer Transfer Car John Brown HO
Aug-02 Business Car Dennis Brown HO
Sep-02 MOW Flatcar With Load Frank Geraci On3
Oct-02 Backwoods Enginehouse David Revelia HO
Nov-02 Small Gas Station Robert Smaus HO
Dec-02 Mansion John Glaab HO
Jan-03 Wood Caboose Doug Harding HO
Feb-03 Freighthouse Jim Sacco HO
Mar-03 Rebuilt Hopper Dan Bourque HO
Apr-03 EMD F45B Karl Erk HO
May-03 Bangor & Aroostook Caboose Robert Bennett HO
Jun-03 Railway Pile Driver Bob Brendle HO
Jul-03 Gas Station Charles Ansell S
Aug-03 Crossing Tower Ron Gribler O
Sep-03 Railway Express Terminal Walter Appel HO
Oct-03 Large New England Mill Vince Altiere HO
Nov-03 Rall Roller Bascule Bridge Jeff Scherb HO
Dec-03 Heavy MOW Equipment Chris Comport O
Jan-04 Automobile Dealership Tim Silvas N
Feb-04 Roadside Diner Richard Gibbons G
Mar-04 SP Lark Sleeper Ron Plies HO
Apr-04 Abandoned Factory Paul Marotta N
May-04 Swamp Logging Shay John Edwards On30
Jun-04 Gunderson Maxi I Eric Taylor HO
Jul-04 Porter 0-4-0T Lawrence E Patch G
Aug-04 Skyscaper Roger Holmes N
Sep-04 Open-air Shop Thomas Yorke On30
Oct-04 Santa Fe Bx-108 Boxcar Stephen M. Priest HO
Nov-04 Articulated Railcar Robert S. Bell On3
Dec-04 Baltimore Penn Station David E. Renard HO
Jan-05 Mail and Express Cars Stan Rydarowicz HO
Feb-05 Modern Log Car Bill Manning HO
Mar-05 Gas-electric Railcar Kurt Mirisch HO
Apr-05 Two-Bay Hopper Chuck Killian HO
May-05 Slope Back Switcher Allen K. Littlefield On30
Jun-05 Gas Station Canopy Frank Cicero O
Jul-05 Two Conbines Alan Crowe HO
Aug-05 CN Ingot Car Dave Lisabeth HO
Sep-05 ATSF Caboose Stephen M. Priest HO
Oct-05 Caboose Combine Mallory Hope Ferrell On3
Nov-05 Woodchip Car Michael Millet HO
Dec-05 Corner Tavern Ron Foreman HO
Jan-06 Four City Buildings Robert Ottosen O
Feb-06 Business Car Bob Boudreau HO
Mar-06 Repowered Baldwin DRS-6-6-1500 Jeffrey W. Damerst and Larry Brown G
Apr-06 New York Central DEF 2-D-2 Loco Dick Karnes S
May-06 Passenger Cars Frank Kiehl Nn3
Jun-06 Porter 0-4-0T Rene Gourley Sn3
Jul-06 Mixed Train Caboose Jim Zwernemann O
Aug-06 Grain Elevator Jared V. Harper HO
Sep-06 CB&Q Combine Richard J. Anderson HO
Oct-06 Quad Hoppers Keith Kohlmann N
Nov-06 Freighthouse Vincent Lee HO
Dec-06 Combine Mike Chandler HO
Jan-07 Large School Bill Gill HO
Feb-07 Stillwell Coach Scott Lupia N
Mar-07 NYC Multiple Unit Coach Ken Lawrence HO
Apr-07 Conrail Fuel Truck Matthew Snell HO
May-07 Chapel Car Joe Binish and Dave Vos HO
Jun-07 Alco RS-2M Richard E Napper HO
Jul-07 Grain Mill Glen Hall HO
Aug-07 Baltimore & Ohio Caboose Jeff Hanke HO
Sep-07 Milk Car Tom Schmieder HO
Oct-07 Kerosene Refinery Paul Scoles S
Nov-07 PRR I1 2-10-0 Max Magliaro N
Dec-07 Railway Express Agency Depot Daniel Kleine O
Jan-08 Derelict Building Stan Knotts HO
Feb-08 Logging Critter Bob Whetham HO
Mar-08 Delivery Trucks Walt Muren HO
Apr-08 Alco Slug Set Dennis Eggert HO
May-08 50 Foot PS-1 Boxcar Patrick Tilley HO
Jun-08 Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 Harry Brunk HOn3
Jul-08 Rebuilt USRA Gondola Keith Kohlmann N
Aug-08 Small Industry Gerry Leone HO
Sep-08 PRR H25 Hopper Charles Cover HO
Oct-08 Docksider 0-4-0T Allen K. Littlefield On30
Nov-08 Bank Building Walt Muren HO
Dec-08 Shortline Sand Car Jeff Moore HO
Jan-09 Newsstand Max Magliaro N
Feb-09 Excursion Car Steve and Jim Hauff HOn3
Mar-09 Porter 0-6-0T Thomas Knapp Nn3
Apr-09 Shortline 2-8-0s Matthew Hurst HO
May-09 Oil Dealership Al Brotherton HO
Jun-09 Rock Island Commuter Coach Steve Hile HO
Jul-09 Electric Railcar Robert A. Boyd HO
Aug-09 Rotary Plow Randall D. Gustafson N
Sep-09 Baggage-mail Storage Car Ken Breher HO
Oct-09 CSX Slug Karl Bond HO
Nov-09 Railroad Tugboat Thomas Griffiths HO
Dec-09 Passenger Car Lineside Structure Gary Wright 1:32n20
Jan-10 Door-and-a-Half Boxcar J.M. Johnson HO
Feb-10 Truss Bridge Al Skinner N
Mar-10 Signal Tower John Roberts O
Apr-10 Payroll Car Alan Anderson G
May-10 Erie Lackawanna Caboose Scott Lupia N
Jun-10 Fire Department Duck Bob Bennett HO
Jul-10 Neighborhood of Houses Gerry Leone HO
Aug-10 U.S. Army Diesel Raymond Hoppes HOn3
Sep-10 Roadside Diner Thomas Yorke O
Oct-10 PFE R-40-2-18 Reefer Dave Bayless HO
Nov-10 Lumber & Coal Dealer Jim Zinser HO
Dec-10 Small Industry David J Leider HO
Jan-11 Two Cabooses Stan Rydarowicz HO
Feb-11 ATSF GA 131 Covered Hopper Steve Funney HO
Mar-11 Diesel Critter Philip Gliebe HOn30
Apr-11 Boom Truck Jerry Wikstrom HO
May-11 Railroad Machine Shop Glen Haadyk HO
Jun-11 Stock Trailer Ron Christensen HO
Jul-11 Two Tank Cars Tony Thompson HO
Aug-11 Waterfront Mill Sam Parker HO
Sep-11 GP40-2W Richard Johaannes HO
Oct-11 7-Ton Shay Mark Fry On30
Nov-11 Transfer Caboose Kristian N. Foondle N
Dec-11 Aluminium Covered Hopper Eric Miller HO
Jan-12 Interurban Car Bob Dietrich HO
Feb-12 Updated Pullman Sleeper Bob Chapman HO
Mar-12 Repowered Alco RS-2 Alvin Ho N
Apr-12 BCR Remote Control Car Timothy Horton N
May-12 ATSF Mechanical Reefers Jim Providenza HO
Jun-12 CNJ 4-8-0 Camelback Steve Olear HO
Jul-12 Two Motor Cars Phil Holden HO
Aug-12 Mack Crane Truck Kip Grant HO
Sep-12 Small Freight House Blair S Davies HO
Oct-12 Pacific Electric Derrick Kevin Bunker HO
Nov-12 50-foot Boxcar Fenton Wells HO
Dec-12 Swing Bridge Joseph Kreiss HO
Jan-13 Victorian Manaion Ken Kirkwood HO
Feb-13 Photographer’s Truck Al Sohl O
Mar-13 Work Car Gregor Moe HO
Apr-13 Delivery Trailer Montford Switzer HO
May-13 PFE BR-40-10 Express Reefer David Messer HO
Jun-13 C&WI Combine Stan Rydarowicz HO
Jul-13 Chlorine Car Michael Collins HO
Aug-13 EJ&E Boxcar Michael Evans HO
Sep-13 House With Attached Bakery Tom Griffiths HO
Oct-13 GP16 Thomas Hillebrant HO
Nov-13 B&O P-31a TOFC flatcar Gregory LaRocca HO
Dec-13 Three Cabooses Don Spiro HO
Jan-14 Two Small Industries Hans Renker HO
Feb-14 CNJ Firefighting Car M.R. Snell HO
Mar-14 Electric Loco Robert Boyd HO
Apr-14 Chicago Union Station Concourse Dr William Buss HO
May-14 Piggyback Flatcar Dave Messer HO
Jun-14 Fire-damaged Enginehouse Louis Gomes HO
Nov-14 Large Urban Building Dr. Frank Heynick O
Jan-15 D&RGW K-27 2-8-2 John Vandenberg HO
Feb-15 No Winner
Mar-15 Pickle Car Jim Molloy HO
Apr-15 Grain & Feed Elevator Rick McClellan HO
May-15 Special Service Gondola Tom Teeple HO
Jun-15 No Winner
Jul-15 Frisco 4-8-2 Don Wirth HO
Aug-15 Pickup Truck Bob Bennett O
Sep-15 Bobber Caboose Richard E. Bradley HO
Oct-15 GE 70-tonners George Dutka HO
Nov-15 MOW Crane Robert A. Boyd HO
Dec-15 Bobber Caboose Richard E. Bradley HO
Jan-16 Large Factory Don Janes HO
Feb-16 Gas Electric Tom Griffiths HO
Mar-16 Yard Office Jeff Goutcher HO
Apr-16 Davenport 112-ton Loco Steve Jackobs HO
May-16 Canadian Pacific Alco S4 Don Janes HO
Jun-16 SP B-50-26 Boxcar Mike Baker HO
Jul-16 Fireless 0-6-0 Thomas Yorke O
Aug-16 Ice Cream Truck Louis Gomes HO
Sep-16 Caboose Brooks Stover S
Oct-16 4-8-4 Doug Taylor HO
Nov-16 Feed Store Larry Fey HO
Dec-16 Rebuilt Sleeper Dave W Messer HO
Jan-17 FM Train Master Tom Brennison HO
Feb-17 Centerbeam Flatcar William E Jameson HO
Mar-17 Multiple Unit Car Dick Karnes O
Apr-17 RPO-Baggage Car Richard E Bradley HO
May-17 Rebuilt Composite Hopper Montford Switzer HO
Jun-17 Doodlebug Tom Nitza HO
Jul-17 Caboose Jeff Carlson HO
Aug-17 Small Locos and Motorcars Dan Cole HO
Sep-17 Sand Tower Edward O’Rourke HO
Oct-17 Reefer Service Car Steve Jackobs HO
Nov-17 Delaware & Hudson Built Boxcar Mike Evans HO
Dec-17 RPO-Express Car Karen Parker HO
Jan-18 Lift Bridge Bruce Bowie HO
Feb-18 Mail Storage Car Doug Nelson N
Mar-18 Mack Railbus Jerry Lauchle HO
Apr-18 Rock Island Combine Jeff Carlson HO
May-18 Tandem Semi-trailer Montford Switzer HO
Jun-18 Wrecked GP35 Steve Hurt HO
Jul-18 Inspection Loco Alan Mende HO
Aug-18 Turntable Peter Hall HO
Sep-18 Doodlebug Freight Motor Jim Providenza HO
Oct-18 EMD SD45U Eric N Goodman HO
Nov-18 SP B-50-26 Boxcar Mike Baker HO
Dec-18 Drop-end Gondola George Dutka HO
Jan-19 Electric Sharks James Rose HO
Feb-19 Extended Vision Caboose Scott Sanders HO
Mar-19 Soo Line GP7 Bob Rivard HO
Apr-19 Alco T-6 Jim Homoki HO
May-19 Bay Window Caboose Mike Baker HO
Jun-19 Rebuilt Gondola Ross Dando O
Jul-19 70-ton Hopper Hunter Hughson HO
Aug-19 NH EP-3 Electric Bryan Bussey N
Sep-19 Auto Boxcar Alan Mende HO
Oct-19 No Winner
Nov-19 Log Flat Car Phil Holden HO
Dec-19 GE Dash9-44CW Robert Forsstrom HO
Jan-20 No Winner
Feb-20 No Winner
Mar-20 No Winner
Apr-20 Country Store Mike Hauk HO
May-20 No Winner
Jun-20 Forney Loco Bob Dietrich HOn30
Jul-20 Medium Industry Phil Doolittle HO
Aug-20 No Winner
Sep-20 No Winner
Oct-20 No Winner
Nov-20 No Winner
Dec-20 No Winner
Jan-21 Rebuilt SW10 Steve Jackobs HO
Feb-21 No Winner
Mar-21 No Winner
Apr-21 Fantasy CN Switcher Thomas Maupin HO
May-21 No Winner
Jun-21 No Winner
Jul-21 No Winner
Aug-21 No Winner
Sep-21 No Winner
Oct-21 No Winner
Nov-21 No Winner
Dec-21 No Winner
Jan-22 Norfolk Southern Tie Gondola M.G. Baran HO
Feb-22 Ottawa Central MLW RS-18u Tim Hayman HO
Apr-22 Delaware & Hudson Chop-Nose RS-3 Robert Frascella S

This article was posted on: March 14, 2022