Tangent Releases New GATC 4500 Covered Hopper

Featuring a 15-post body, CRDX 4885 “ADM Blue Lease 9-1966” is one a fleet of GATC 4500s leased by ADM from Chicago Freight Car Leasing Company (CRDX).  These models duplicate the CRDX prototypes with Morton roof walkways and body-mounted brake gear.  As with all Tangent models, these cars feature genuine Kadee scale-head metal couplers.

Tangent Releases New GATC 4500 Covered Hopper

HO Scale (1:87)By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

During the 1950s to the 1960s, American railroads transitioned from hauling grain in boxcars to high capacity covered hoppers. Between 1963 and 1966, General American Transportation Corporation (GATC) produced its first “grain hopper” design as a 4500 cubic foot capacity car, selling more than 1,200 examples to a variety of railroads and lessors. The design had two distinct exterior appearances, with either 13 or 15 exterior side posts.

Tangent Scale Models has announced a new model of the GATC-built 4,500 cubic foot covered hopper in multiple versions covering differences in side posts, running boards, roofs, roof hatches, discharge gates and brake systems.  This first production of ready-to-run cars covers four different paint schemes, including Santa Fe “Quality Repaint 1991” (Mineral Brown), CB&Q “Delivery Gray 1-1965”, Chicago Great Western “Delivery Gray 9-1966”, CRDX “ADM Blue Lease 9-1966”and three versions of undecorated kits.  Each ready-to-run car retails for $56.95 each, while undecorated kits are $48.95 each.  Lastly, a pack of 24 unpainted pigeons are the perfect accompaniment for $6.95/pack.  Available now direct or from authorized dealers.  Watch for a product review of these cars in an upcoming issue of Railroad Model Craftsman!

ATSF 306938 “Quality Repaint 1991” is a great example of a later-era GATC 4500.  The ATSF refurbished their GATC 4500s in the early 1980s and removed the distinctive General American rooftop ribs.  Tangent Scale Models has duplicated this rebuilt roof with this offering, including an accurate Morton-style running board with that distinctive Uni-wing flange.  As with its prototype, this model has been modernized with accurate Miner outlet gates with “Selflok” mechanisms.  The Santa Fe’s  prototype GATC cars featured a 13-post body, body-mounted brake hardware and linkage below the underframe, all features that are present on this Tangent replica. 

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This article was posted on: April 20, 2023