Broadway Limited Announces Return of Stealth Series Locomotives

Broadway Limited Announces Return of Stealth Series Locomotives

By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

Broadway Limited Imports has announced the return of its Stealth series of locomotives. These locomotives include the high level of details of Paragon and Brass Hybrid models but at a lower price.

“We are excited to bring this option back into the hands of our modelers,” said Bob Grubba, President and CEO of Broadway Limited Imports. “We have heard from our customers that they want DCC-Ready models, and we are dedicated to providing them with top-notch products at a more affordable price point.”

Models under the Stealth name will not include sound, DCC, and smoke. Some light functions may be limited depending on the capabilities of the selected aftermarket decoder.  HO Stealth series locomotives will come equipped with a 21-pin DCC socket, while N scale Stealth offerings will include a Next18 DCC interface.

All future product announcements will include Stealth options, including the upcoming HO scale EMD SD40, HO scale GP35, HO Scale C&O K-2 Mikado, HO scale GP30, N Scale PRR T-1 Duplex, N Scale EMD F3 and F7’s, and N Scale Reading T-1.

More information about the Stealth series can be found at

This article was posted on: April 21, 2023