4: Take Your Model Trains to The Next Level

4: Take Your Model Trains to The Next Level

You have learned some great ways to get started in the hobby of model railroading. We discussed the basics of selecting a train set, finding a suitable place to set up, and some of the tools and tips you’ll need to work on your models. Of course, we can’t possibly tell you everything you’d want to know on this site. The best way to learn about model railroading is to immerse yourself in the hobby and all it has to offer.

Fake Model Train Books

Don’t be fooled by other sources that claim to have all the easy answers.

How do you design a new track plan that goes beyond the oval? Where can you find materials to make your own buildings and bridges? How do you install electrical wiring to run more than one train at a time? Where can you learn and be inspired to build your dream layout? Check out some of these great how-to books from White River Productions! Or better yet, consider a subscription to Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine!

Milwaukee Road River Sub

Bringing you the best in model trains since 1933

Since 1933, Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine delivers the best in scale model railroading twelve times a year. Our goal is to inspire the creativity and craftsmanship of modelers from the first-time novice to the experienced hobbyist. Each issue contains tours of top model railroads from around the United States and Canada, as well as prototype information and history to help you make your layout as realistic as possible.

Tips and techniques you can use

Look for top-notch model railroad construction articles and useful tips and techniques presented by accomplished hobbyists. You’ll learn how to paint and detail your model railroad equipment like a pro. Our in-depth new product reviews are written by experienced hobbyists, followed by the latest industry news and announcements. Our Craftsman Timetable will keep you up to date on hobby activities in your area.Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine

Take it to the next level!
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You save 43% off the newsstand price of $131.88, and enjoy the convenience of having Railroad Model Craftsman delivered right to your door! Start your model railroading journey and subscribe today!

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This article was posted on: January 1, 2020