Great Books for the Model Railroader

Model railroading is an exciting hobby with so many facets, you may not know where to begin. How do you design a new track plan that goes beyond the oval? Where can you find materials to make your own buildings and bridges? How do you install electrical wiring to run more than one train at a time? Where can you learn and be inspired to build your dream layout? Check out some of these great how-to books for the model railroader from White River Productions!

Track DesignBreak away from the basic oval with Track Design: Every model railroader starts with a simple oval. But where to go from there? Edited by Hal Carstens, this book features great track planning ideas that can be modified to suit your interests. From sprawling main lines to vest-pocket short lines, from small terminals to urban switching districts and everything in between. You’ll even find track plans for odd spaces and tradition 4×8 layouts. >>Purchase

Building Scenery with Paul ScolesBuilding Scenery With Paul Scoles shows you how to make your railroad look realistic: Expert scenery builder Paul Scoles shares his techniques,tools and methods,taking you through the process of scenery building step by step. From the deep woods, to rocky outcropings, to flowing rivers and streams, to detailed urban scenes, Paul Scoles takes you through the steps to create beautiful scenery and terrains for your model railroads and dioramas. >>Purchase

Building StructuresBuild amazing structures for your layout with Model Railroad Structures From A-Z: What’s the best way to make your model railroad stand out from the rest? Build your own model bridges, buildings, and backgrounds! This book shows you how to create all kinds of unique models from wood, paperboard, plastic, plaster, and other inexpensive easy to find materials. Easy step-by-step instructions, plus lots of detailed illustrations and photos help you make professional looking models right from the start. >>Purchase

Scratchbuilding for Model RailroadersExpand your model building experience with Scratchbuilding for Model Railroaders: Scratchbuilding takes the hobby to the ultimate creative level. Think it’s too hard for you to try? Author Bob Walker shares his thoughts and processes in model making, while explaining the latest tools, techniques and materials used to create some of his excellent award-winning models. >>Purchase

Electrical HandbookGet it right the first time with Electrical Handbook for Model Railroads: For some model railroaders, wiring your layout can be a daunting task. How do you add another train to your layout? Where should you place toggle switches? How do you wire the dreaded reverse loop? Veteran model railroader Paul Mallery shows you how it’s done. This updated and revised edition outlines basic model railroad electric projects for both the beginner and advanced modeler. >>Purchase

Guide to DCCMysteries are revealed in the Practical Guide to Digital Command Control: The most realistic way to control your trains is with Digital Command Control (DCC). Larry Puckett explains the latest technology and how you can apply it to your model railroad. Choose the best system for your needs, learn how to install it, and discover new ways to program and fine tune your system for the best performance. >>Purchase

The V&O StoryRevisit the development of a legendary model railroad with The V&O Story: Allen McClelland’s well-known Virginian & Ohio was one of the first model railroads to explore the concept of a model railroad that looks and operates like the real thing. This classic book reprints a series of classic articles from the pages of Railroad Model Craftsman describing all aspects of the railroad’s concept; construction, benchwork, track, scenery, operation, and equipment. Get inspired! >>Purchase

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These are just a few of the books that will help you grow your model railroading knowledge. There are detailed books available on almost every aspect of the hobby. Check with your hobby dealer first or visit the White River Productions Book Store today!

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This article was posted on: December 26, 2016