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N Scale Group Embraces New Name, Mission

By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

The group behind the NTRACK and T-TRAK modular standards is embracing a new name and a new mission in the new year. On Jan. 1, NTRAK announced that it would be now be called NRail. 

“As we have expanded our scope over the past few years, it has become evident that we are more than just NTRAK and the newsletter and our show activities have reflected that. But for many N scalers, NTRAK is a specific modular standard,” the group announced.“With that in mind, the Board has considered a new name and approved NRail as a more appropriate name to match our goals and our ongoing evolution as an organization. Legally, our new name is NRail, Inc.”

The organization’s roots date back to the 1970s when the first N scale modules were designed, constructed and displayed at public train shows. In 1996, Jim FitzGerald took steps to ensure the ongoing viability of the organization with the formation of the NTRAK Modular Railroading Society, Inc. (NTRAK, Inc.). A Board of Directors was appointed to oversee the organization, which continues to this day.

The group said that while it will have a more focused mission, it will not forget its roots and will still be the go-to organization for the NTRAK and T-TRAK systems. “What does this mean for members?” the group wrote. “NRail will continue to focus primarily on the two most popular standards, NTRAK, and T-TRAK, but we will also continue to expand and increase attention to the other aspects such as Free-moN, Clubs, and Home Layouts. And NRail will continue to expand and enhance our relationship with the various N Scale manufacturers.”

For more information, visit NRail.org.

This article was posted on: January 1, 2021