More PS 4785 Covered Hoppers from ScaleTrains

The Monfort Feed Lots and Penn Central versions of ScaleTrains’ new production of their HO scale “Rivet Counter” series Pullman-Standard PS 4785 covered hopper.

More PS 4785 Covered Hoppers from ScaleTrains

By Railroad Model Craftsman

Now available from ScaleTrains is a new production of their HO scale “Rivet Counter” series Pullman-Standard PS 4785 covered hopper in a variety of paint schemes.

The Penn Central Covered Hopper features tall shear plates at the end sills typical of late-production PS 4785s.

One of the larger sizes offered in the Pullman-Standard covered hopper catalog, the PS-2CD 4785 cubic foot design could be optimized to haul a variety of specific commodities, from grain products to chemical or mineral ladings. Cars of this design were first produced in 1967 at Pullman-Standard’s Butler, Pennsylvania plant.  Over time, refinements were made to the basic design over its five-year production span. The end “cages” of the cars would change over this period, with revisions to the end grab iron and support arrangements. Later cars would also feature tall shear plates as part of the end sills as seen on the Penn Central cars in this run, adding another visual distinction to this family of cars.  Depending upon the intended lading, customers could specify from a number of different roof hatch options — full-length trough, three-trough or round loading hatches. 

A broadside view of the Monfort Feed Lots covered hopper. 

Road names for this run include Penn Central, CSX, Conrail (gray), Monfort Feed Lots/TLCX, Boyll & Son/TLDX, Hubinger/TLCX, Staley/Color Logo/TLCX, and Burlington Northern (Cascade Green 1990s repaint).  Multiple road numbers per road name where appropriate. Each car comes equipped with a plethora of details, including etched-metal running boards, wire-form grab irons, full brake rigging, road-specific and phase-specific details,  100-ton roller bearing trucks with rotating bearing cap covers, 36” CNC-machined metal wheels, metal knuckle couplers, train line air hoses and much more.   MSRP $42.95 each. Now available direct or from select authorized dealers while supplies last.

ScaleTrains,  7598 Highway 411, Benton, TN 37307; 844-987-2467;

This overhead view showcases the etched metal see-through running boards that surround the loading trough covered by four panels atop the car.

This article was posted on: January 21, 2022