Moloco Trains Announces New Schemes for Plate B PC&F Boxcars

This new production will be offered for Southern Pacific, Erie Lackawanna, Triangle Pacific and Western Pacific.

Moloco Trains Announces New Schemes for Plate B PC&F Boxcars

By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

Moloco Trains has announced their second production of their 50-foot Plate B insulated boxcars based on the prototypes built by Pacific Car and Foundry with 10-foot wide plug doors.  

New schemes include Triangle Pacific (TPFX – Red 4/73 repaint), Western Pacific (brown as-delivered scheme prior to Air-Pak installation),  Southern Pacific (4/79 repaint with LD bulkheads), Southern Pacific (5/79 and 9/79 repaints XMI Insulated, no loaders), NIRX/Erie Lackawanna (Yellow/black 1962 as-delivered scheme with DF-B bulkheads).  The Southern Pacific cars in this run represent the rebuilt B-70-10R boxcars with new details for crossbar locking reinforcements on the plug doors and modernized air brake equipment as seen on the rebuilt cars.

All models feature separately applied ladders, running boards where appropriate, full underbody brake rigging, simulated cushion underframe details with extended draft gear, precision CNC-machined 33-inch metal wheelsets, genuine Kadee scale-head metal couplers and rubber air hoses and metal stirrup steps for durability. Pricing TBD.

The company is currently taking reservations for these cars at their website. Reservations close on June 30. For more information and to reserve, please visit the Moloco Trains website.

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This article was posted on: June 23, 2021