Jacksonville Terminal Company Releases 40’ Containers, Intermodal Chassis

Jacksonville Terminal Corporation (JTC) is now shipping its first releases of its extensive product family of refrigerated intermodal containers. This includes a six-pack of 40-foot reefer containers for American President Lines that also includes six matching clip-on gensets that attach magnetically to the front nose of each container when appropriate for these APL prototypes. Container chassis are offered separately.

Jacksonville Terminal Company Releases 40’ Containers, Intermodal Chassis

N Scale (1:160)Jacksonville Terminal Company has released their latest offerings for N scale modelers and intermodal enthusiasts. The new products include an all-new family of 40-foot contemporary refrigerated high-cube (HC) containers in a multitude of versions. Depending upon the prototype, there are five different body styles, four door styles, with details on the nose replicating any of eight different front reefer units from Daikin, Thermo-King, Carrier, Mitsubishi and Star Cool, all representing prototypes from the 1990s to today.

Also offered for the first time as a mass-produced RTR item in any scale are front clip-on genset units for these reefer containers. JTC’s front clip-on gensets attach magnetically to  the front of the reefer containers.

The first two releases of these new reefer containers are six-packs for APL and ONE (Ocean Network Express). The APL set includes six clip-on gensets in orange or blue that correctly represent these prototypes. $134.95 per APL set.


Pictured here are 53 and 40-foot container chassis from Jacksonville Terminal. Each chassisincludes hidden magnets that enable these chassis to mate seamlessly with any JTC intermodalcontainers of the same length, or with containers from other manufacturers that also supportJTC’s open standard for container interoperability. Containers shown here offered separately.

The ONE reefer set has five reefer containers and an exclusive power generator container with details that include ventilation panels on the sides and custom doors on the front and rear of the container to accommodate the Caterpillar diesels within. On the prototype, the diesels turn electrical generators inside to supply electrical power to nearby reefer containers.  Power generator containers are often found in the lower wells of double-stack cars accompanying large groups of ONE reefer containers on long-distance stack trains. $108.95 MSRP each per six-pack of ONE reefer containers.

Complementing their extensive line of intermodal containers are JTC’s latest production of container chassis in 20-, 40- and 53-foot lengths also arriving now in stores.  These chassis are available in a number of new paint schemes, road numbers  and assortments. Each chassis is designed to attach perfectly with any container of the same length manufactured to JTC’s open standard for container interoperability. Visit JTC’s website for pricing and road names.

Formed in 2017, Ocean Network Express is the product of the merger of three different Japanese steamship lines. With its distinctive magenta paint inspired by the Japanese Cherry Blossom, its containers can be found worldwide. Now available from JTC is a set of six containers, including five ONE reefers and for the first time as a model in any scale, a specialized power generator container that often accompanies large groups of reefer containers on long-distance stack trains.

Watch for an upcoming review of these and other products in an upcoming issue of Railroad Model Craftsman Magazine!

Jacksonville Terminal Company, LLC, www.jtcmodeltrains.com

This article was posted on: February 1, 2023