All-New HO 40’ Combination Door Boxcars from Tangent

Road-specific versions of the Pullman-Standard Combination Door PS-1 40-foot boxcar for Union Pacific, Northern Pacific and Milwaukee available now.

All-New HO 40’ Combination Door Boxcars from Tangent

By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

Tangent Scale Models has released its first all-new rolling stock model for 2021 – a Pullman-Standard Combination Door PS-1 40-foot boxcar. 

First constructed in the late 1950s, these distinctive cars feature one plug door flush with the side in addition to a traditional sliding door on each side, combining the benefits of a larger door opening of a traditional double-sliding door car, while preserving the same amount of flush interior walls of a traditional single-doored car.  This combination door design allowed railroads to maximize loaded car miles by transporting lumber east, while facilitating the movement of grain and.or consumer products westward on the backhaul.  UP, NP and MILW assigned these combination door cars to ship forest products from the Pacific Northwest to nearly every corner of North America on a regular basis.

A detail photo of the end of the Union Pacific model. 

These new models are constructed from all-new tooling from the ground up, featuring road-specific body shells and details for each railroad. Roadnames offered for this inaugural release include Milwaukee Road “MILW Original 1958” (brown), Northern Pacific “NP Original 12-59” (brown with large monad), and Union Pacific “UP BC-50-10 11-63+” (brown).  Cars for the Milwaukee Road feature a 15’2” door opening, while the UP and NP cars have a combined 16-foot wide door opening utilizing a wider 8-foot wide sliding door.  The UP models represent cars rebuilt by UP”s Albina Shops in the early 1960s that include a different squarish lower side sill profile and a end door on the A-end unique from the other roads.

All models feature a long list of separately applied details including see-through running boards, fine scale ladders,  Pullman-style grab irons, multiple hand brake options, wire-form brake rigging, rubber air hoses, 33-inch diameter all-metal CNC wheelsets, Kadee scale-head #158 couplers and more. 50-ton trucks of the appropriate design (either Barber S-2 with plain journals or a never before offered ASF A-3 truck with rotating Timken roller bearings) are also included with each model. Multiple road numbers are offered for each scheme. RTR cars retail for a suggested MSRP of $52.95 each.  Undecorated kits in three different versions are also available for $48.95. These highly-detailed combination door boxcars are available now from authorized dealers and from

A detail photo of the Northern Pacific boxcar.

This article was posted on: April 12, 2021