HO Scale GP16s Arrive from InterMountain Railway Company

Now available from InterMountain Railway Company are HO scale GP16s in nine different paint schemes, including this unit for Santa Fe Southern.

HO Scale GP16s Arrive from InterMountain Railway Company

HO Scale (1:87)By Railroad Model Craftsman Staff

Faced with an aging fleet of first-generation EMD GP7s, GP9s and GP18s, the Seaboard Coast Line had a choice — retire these old engines for expensive new replacements, or rebuild what they have. From June 1979 unti November 1982, the SCL rebuilt 155 of these first-generation EMD GPs with upgraded 567 series prime movers using 645-series components, removal of dynamic brakes if equipped, replacing generators, trucks and traction motors with remanufactured components, installation of a new electrical cabinet, a new 26L Brake system, new control stand and a “chopped” nose to improve crew visibility.  Regardless of their origin, the new locomotives were rechristened as “GP16s” by the SCL. Over the years, these engines have found their way to numerous short lines, grain/industrial operators and even to the U.S. Army Transportation Corps. Arriving now from InterMountain Railway Company are GP16s in nine different paint schemes, with eight more liveries to follow.

Many GP16s were eventually purchased by the U.S. Army for use at bases and equipment depots across the Continental US.  InterMountain’s rendition of U.S. Army 4635 is the only U.S. Army GP16 in this production to feature a white cab roof.

Paint schemes now available include:

  • Aberdeen, Carolina & Western
  • CSX
  • Family Lines System
  • Louisville & Indiana
  • The Indiana Railroad
  • Pioneer Railcorp
  • RJ Corman
  • Santa Fe Southern
  • U.S. Army

Forthcoming liveries include:

  • Buckingham Branch Railroad
  • Burlington Junction Railway
  • Everett Railroad Co.
  • Genesee & Wyoming (York Railway)
  • Pee Dee River
  • Seaboard System
  • South Carolina Public Railways
  • South Central Florida (U.S. Sugar)

Multiple road numbers are available per scheme where appropriate.

Each GP16 comes fully assembled and ready to run, featuring a host of separately applied road-specific details corresponding to each paint scheme. Available for DCC (Silent version) with an ESU LokPilot decoder for $229.95 MSRP or DCC+Sound with ESU Loksound 5 decoders for $319.95 MSRP. DC-only plug available upon request.

InterMountain Railway Company, 1336 Sherman Dr. Unit C, Longmont, CO 80501-6174; www.InterMountain-railway.com

This article was posted on: April 10, 2024