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Craftsman Product Review

Bachmann False Front Resin Buildings

These versatile low relief cast resin buildings from Bachmann are a perfect starting point to add depth to any model railroad large or small. Item # 35003 Four Story Parking Garage shown above.

Bachmann false front resin buildings in HO scale

by George Riley/photos by the author

One of the best ways to visually expand any model railroad is to add a backdrop behind the layout to create depth in the scene or to install view blocks to visually separate one area from the next. A backdrop will add depth to the layout by creating the illusion that the scene continues beyond the limiting dimensions of the layout while view blocks create the perception of distance as viewers transition from one scene to the next as they travel around the model following the action of the trains.

Bachmann False Front Resin Buildings

Item # 35002 Winsor Hotel

Effective backdrops and view blocks can be simply created by adding light blue paint and representative clouds to the surrounding walls or panels. The next step in adding to the illusion is the addition of two dimensional landscape features and buildings. These can be painted on the back scene or can be added using cut out pictures or photographs glued in place. The final layer in creating a multi-dimensional backdrop or view block is the addition of low relief buildings and scenery features. This last layer helps to blend the three dimensional models in to the two dimensional back scene much as a theatrical production uses low relief sets and backdrops to create the illusion of a larger world.

Bachmann False Front Resin Buildings

Item # 35006 Industrial Supply Warehouse

The low relief scenery features can easily be created by adding hills or trees along the edges of a scene. However, adding buildings usually involves taking the time to kit bash or scratch build low relief structures since the palette of these kits is limited. Bachmann’s latest release of their series of pre-decorated, ready to install cast resin low relief buildings is certain to help in adding depth to one’s model railroad. Currently there are six offerings in the line of which five have been available for review. All are designed to flesh out an urban environment. Each with only the exception of the Industrial Supply Warehouse can be used by anyone modeling from the mid-twentieth century to present. The warehouse, being of more contemporary construction, will readily fit into any modern layout.

Bachmann False Front Resin Buildings

Item # 35005 Hobby Store and Item # 35001 United Trust Bank


Bachmann Trains
1400 East Erie Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19124
(215) 533-1600

HO Scale Background Buildings

Item # 35001 United Trust Bank
MSRP - $63.00

6 7/8" W x 1 1/8" D x 4 1/2" H

Item # 35002 Winsor Hotel
MSRP - $73.00

6 3/4" W x 1 1/2" D x 5 7/8" H

Item # 35003 Four Story Parking Garage
MSRP - $120.00

12" W x 3 7/8" D x 6 1/2" H, includes photo background of garage interior

Item # 35005 Hobby Store
MSRP - $67.00

7 1/8" W x 1 1/8" D x 3 7/8" H, includes photo background of shop interior

Item # 35006 Industrial Supply Warehouse
MSRP - $73.00

10 3/4" W x 2 1/4" D x 5 1/8" H, Bays 2 and 4 metal roller doors supplied as separate parts

All the finely detailed buildings are cast in a hard ceramic like resin and factory painted and aged. The parking garage and industrial structures, as would be the case of their prototypes, have a bit more weathering applied. Appropriate signage is factory applied using transfers. These tend to be a bit glossy, this can easily be remedied by the modeler with the application a flat finish making certain to first mask off the clear windows so that they are not frosted. Each model that features see through windows has neatly installed separate windows consisting of an injection molded frame glazed with clear plastic. Since they reveal the open interiors the modeler has the option of adding floors, walls and furnishings. Artwork or photographs can also be used to represent furnished rooms. Plus curtains and shades can be installed to further obscure the open interiors. The first floor display windows of the hobby shop do have nicely rendered two dimensional artwork that creates the illusion of a well stocked retailer. The bank, hotel and hobby shop feature brick and masonry construction commonly seen in commercial construction, while the parking garage replicates cast concrete which is commonly used on this type of structure

Any one of these will be right at home in any city or town’s business or commercial area. Not to be overshadowed, the warehouse is representative of metal clad industrial structures commonly seen in most commercial districts. This modern structure also includes two positionable roll up doors which will add further realism to the building.

Any one of these low relief structures will make a great starting point for adding additional depth to one’s model scene. Each is neatly assembled and decorated. A modeler can easily add additional details, lighting and interiors to the basic structures to really make the structure stand out on their layout. A quick change of signs by the modeler will make these structures at home in nearly any urban or industrial setting. These versatile low relief buildings are a perfect starting point to add depth to any model railroad large or small.





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