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Building the Hazard County Short Line

1: Building the Bench Work for Hazard County

By George Riley/photos by the author

The first stage of construction for constructing the Hazard County Short Line is assembling the bench work. When we initially planned this project we decided that a four foot wide by six foot long table would be a good size for getting started. This size is probably the smallest foot print for a believable continuous run yet fits into a space that most people can accommodate. Additionally, the layout’s modest proportions allow it to be easily completed in just a few weekends.

Benchwork Shopping List

A) 1 4'x6'x1/2" sheet of plywood - Home Depot $26.95

B) 1 4'x6'x2" sheet of pink Styrofoam® board - Home Depot $26.95

C) 2 1"x4"x6' poplar lumber - Lowes $9.26 ea.

D) 1 set folding banquet table legs - Lowes $19.48

E) 8 6-32x3/4 bolts - Lowes $.79

F) 8 6-32 T-nuts - Lowes $4.00

G) 8 #8x3: wood screws - Lowes $.79

1 Eath Color latex paint - Lowes $12.00

2 Valspar stone paint - $17.90

Benchwork Subtotal: $125.38

Several project layouts ago we developed a bench work system that we call the No Saw Table. The table can be constructed in a short time with a minimum of tools. The only items needed are a drill and screw driver. For Hazard County all that has to be cut is a two foot section off the end of a standard sheet of plywood. The cut can be made at the lumber yard when the materials are purchased. All the additional lumber can be purchased in pre-cut lengths.

Step by Step Construction

1) Place the longitudinal stringers, 1” x 4” x 6’ poplar (C), inset from the edges of the plywood top (A). Attach with glue and screws to the table top using 3” wood screws (F).

2) Place folding legs (D) inset one foot from each end and attach with T-nuts (G)
and bolts (E).

3) Lay the 2” Styrofoam sheet (B) on top of the completed table and trim to fit with
a serrated knife. Do not glue the Styrofoam sheet down at this time.

In less than an hour’s time you should have a completed base for the Hazard County Short Line and be ready to begin positioning the track, buildings and larger scenic elements.

Download the benchwork plan as an Acrobat PDF.

Building the Bench Work for Hazard County


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